Sunday, April 22, 2007

Make It Happen.

Another perfect day in the park. We got there around 10am, and the temperature quickly approached 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The winds were a little weak and inconsistent at first, and we had a lot of knotted lines, but we refused to surrender, and the winds finally picked up and the kites flew high. There were a lot of other kite-flyers in the park too, which is always excellent. There was also a gigantic American flag. We spent about 5 hours out there, and have the sunburns to prove it.

After the kite-flying we retreated to the recuperative shade and drinks of Ye Olde Carriage Inn, along with some fries and Erotic Photo Hunt.

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Kyle said...

My entire face is peeling.

Jeff P said...

you didn't use enough aloe. Also, gross. Mine's turning into a totally sweet tan. Too bad for you.