Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Who says you can only fly kites on Sunday?

The park was a little eerie at 7 am but a little before work flying was exactly what this odd Wednesday called for; it was a maiden voyage for Foxy, the successor to Soxs, and true to form, she flew like a mad banshee out of hell and then kept hitting the ground. I got her up a couple of times but never above the trees to where that nice clean air blows. So I took a picture of her on the ground. Why the hell not, that's my theory.

My new idea. Make a mini Delta kite, something with a wingspan of maybe a foot or something, that is completely collapsible and that you can travel with. Wouldn't that be cool? A little tiny baby kite? A little weeny teeny sort of bird like bee sized kite... theoretically, how small can a kite be?

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