Monday, May 7, 2007

New Member, New RIT

Yes, that is Jane Anne. Yes, that is an American flag kite. She started with her 101 Dalmatians kite but it was unable to withstand the gale force winds and was at once dilapidated. In this particular case RIT stands for "rest in trashcan"; though it was traumatic all the same. Sleep well little Dalmatians, sleep well.


Jeff P said...

Good form.
I think kites with dragons and wizards withstand heavy winds better than kites with puppies.

Jamron said...

God Bless America(n kite)

jane anne said...

suffice it to say some snotty little family then flew my SAME dalmatian kite! for like, two seconds JUST to rub it in... i could tell. why those little!!!

Anonymous said...

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