Wednesday, May 23, 2007

St. Louis Flyers

The St. Louis Flyers had its first officially documented flying session yesterday afternoon. It was fun.

Everybody was so psyched about flying kites that we started before we even got to the field.

John P. Eagle Scout.

A couple weeks ago I bought two large, fancy kites at a sale at my old High School. They were 25 cents apiece and included copius amounts of extra kite string. This one is a shark.

This one is an extremely elaborate mulit colored bi-plane with a corksrew tail.

The fancy kites were absolute pieces of shit compared to the two $1.99 Gayla's Cole picked up at Walgreens. (a stealth bomber and a fighting robots design)

I don't know if you Brooklyn kids drink beer while flying, but if not, I recommend it. After a few frosty ones Cole put the handle in his mouth and the trick flying flood gates opened right up.

John P. flying a kite while riding a tall bike.

Cole flying a kite with no hands.

John P. flying a kite with his beard.

Cole flying a kite with his mouth while doing a handstand.

Brian and Cole. The Hangman's noose.

John P. flying a kite on a rooftop.

Until next time.


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Jeff P said...

YES! Kites are the BEST!