Sunday, May 6, 2007


a.k.a. Run the Bases
a.k.a. Hotbox
a.k.a. We're lucky no one got conked in the head with a ball.

I swear we flew kites too, but only for a little bit. The wind was uncooperative.
To make up for it, Karl and Janeanne, and Nichol and Jeremy made separate trips to Prospect Park today where some major winds demolished Janeanne's 101 Dalmations kite, Nichol's little airfoil got tree'd (RIT), and Jeremy spied a Baby Bat in the treetops, possibly one of our lost brethren (RIT).

ps- If you guys have pictures, put some up.

So anyway, after Pickle, we stopped by Carriage Inn for some EPH, where some weirdo was whispering clues into the ears of Karl and Jeremy ("bosom," "derriere," "obvious"). Then we went to Karls for mint juleps and the Kentucky Derby. The Derby was pretty badass, the mint juleps were a bit much for me. I can't drink whiskey.

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